First Trip Away

In the actual world we single parents don’t generally have adequate money. Tabloids may tempt you with weirdly angled pictures and exciting posts on single parents having outings abroad, super-size televisions and each mod con going all paid by their benefits cheque every week. But practically how they figure out to do this I am really not sure.

Being a single mum for over 14 years, I have not succeeded in giving my kids the best of everything. They have never been without clothes, food or love but I have never had thriftless shopping sprees or anything of that sort. I haven’t been yet successful in taking my two children on a holiday. Their father working a job that pays better has taken them skiing a couple of times and they also went on school trips but that all has been the limit.

This year it improved… just a little bit. We bought a tent. I took a trip with my partner a couple of weeks ago and absolutely adored it. Adored it so much that we reserved some more days away again for previous week. This time round, my little son came with. Not bad going, but at 5 years of age, the poor guy had his first time away with his mother and that too in a tent. If you are pondering as to why only the youngest came, I did invite my daughter too but seemingly it’s not what she likes.

The weather was really nice with daylight, feasted on BBQ’s and we had lots of laughs. We didn’t require costly food, huge swimming pools or costly landscape. We had time, long walks and a wonderful time this summer proving that money is not necessarily everything.

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