The Stretch and sweep my story

My first child Katie was born when I was 40+2 weeks along. My cervix was dilated by 3 cms and fully effaced by the due date and I took a long stroll during daytime which aided in Katies get on his way. When I was pregnant with Logan (my second son) I went on being 41+1 weeks along with no signs of him coming anytime soon. At week number 41, I was suggested the Stretch and Sweep (Otherwise known as separating the membranes). Given that my first son Katies was already getting ready to be welcomed in the world around this time, I was unknown to the term Stretch and Sweep so I settled on doing what majority of population does nowadays when they are unsure about anything so I googled and the outcome made me anxious. For the most part what I observed was preggers mums saying how agonizing it was and it yielded no results. As much as a letdown it was to read, any expectant mum that is behind schedule would realize how despairing one can feel as time passes by not showing any symptoms of baby coming and so prepared to try anything at all. I decided to go through with the stretch and sweep.

It was a Monday morning; I was precisely 41 weeks along as I waited outside the obstetrician’s office. I was attempting to calm myself and refrain from worrying restlessly. I took my ex husband and Katie alongside me even so they stayed outside, it was a solace them being there. When I went inside, the obstetrician, someone I had encountered for the first time briefed somewhat regarding what she would be performing, she also gave me an induction date at the hospital for following weekend on the off chance of no results after the Stretch and Sweep. I was disheartened at being booked for an induction date for numerous reasons truly, I so longed to undergo childbirth naturally again and I definitely didn’t desire to hold up meeting my little boy who I was always certain would come before the scheduled date.

Going through with the Stretch and Sweep at that time was truly not as excruciating as I had anticipated it to be, only a tad bit uncomfortable. But when you realize what you are about to experience (labour) then it’s truly not worth batting an eyelid about. By and by, I believe the trick is to relax majorly and to not worry. Only a few hours after, I started experiencing cramps and really agonizing pain below that worsened when I got up and started walking. I also realized that I felt really drained so I settled on returning to bed and lay down for some time. Keeping in mind what I had perused online, I was certain that the cramps would cease in a bit but they never stopped and that very evening I eventually and rather thrillingly started experiencing contractions! The same day at 10:48 in the morning my son Logan came to this world.

And as now as I cradle my newborn son here in my embrace, I am delighted to say that my experience with the Stretch and Sweep was indisputably a positive one.