Being A Single Mum

My opinion on what it’s like being a single mum..

Single Mum: Well that’s as obvious as it gets. Be it from decision, separation or loss.

Hard Work – No joking there. You are always running in the circle figuring out everything before coming to the next thing you need to figure out.

Non Rewarding – Yes they will show their gratitude for the free taxi service but then they are aware that they will likely walk the next time. It’s the ordinary things that go unrewarded. You are not expressed gratitude for stressing over them, training them the everyday things.

Funny – You don’t typically discover things amusing at the time. It’s more when you glance back at something you can see how amusing it actually was. Like when my girl shaved her brother’s hair using my lady shave.

Social Outcast – Single doesn’t really gel in the couple get together. They are not sure if they ask you to come and you are the only single person or not ask you and possibly upset you. Different couples looks at you with doubt. In some people’s opinion I must be sex hungry (Yeah alright, kudos to that one) and so alone that I will lunge at any male despite the fact that they are in a relationship or not.

Only for the record, I would like to straighten this one up. We may be single, sex hungry and has the lonely emotional moments but we do have ethics, rules and second thoughts. We are single, not idiots.

Tiring – By the time you are done with you entire days’ work, picked the kids up, had tea, assisted with homework, took care of any housework that cannot handle any more procrastinate and finally sat down is usually the time to go to bed to catch up on some sleep prior to starting all this again the next day.

Lonely Non Existing Social Life – Babysitters are too costly or nonexistent , accommodating volunteering mates will always have something important to do on the one day you are asked out someplace. You confront the danger of socializing with couple which peg you for the social outcast or socializing with your other single friends. It hadn’t occurred to me until I was single that all my friends are with someone. Note to Self – Make single friends.

Determination – You just cannot surrender. Its not like you can return the children back (ouch). You will do it to show to all those people who tell you how troublesome it is, that it is possible. You do it as others have done it, You are not the first individual in these circumstances.

Exhausting – The exhaustion is next level. A sick kid all night, office targets and minor fiascos at home like washing machine not functioning. It has been observed that everything goes south at the very same time.

Exhilarating – That minute when someone says on how well-mannered your kids are. When anybody says that they appreciate you for what you are doing. Those warm fluffy minutes when your kid does something splendid – you helped that kid do that.

Confidence Building – Shopping in a nearby home store with only kids can get any lonely granny in the vicinity to stop and chat with you, you even start liking talking to strangers. It is simply because you basically need to go on whatever a partner would do as your confidence develops without you realizing.