About Me

I am Julia and I am a single mother to my girl 5, and boy 4. I separated about 10 years back and about 8 years back I met my now partner. In the early years of our relationship, we parted ways a number of times. It was amid one of these times that I started writing Lancs PCC. I was already writing another blog so I had an idea of how they functioned and another thing that I was well acquainted was being a single parent. I have heard all of it, had the mocking comments and have been degraded with the same brush most of the single parents get painted with. I was aware what it felt like when the only grown up you speak to was the postman if it was lucky day. I was aware what it was like juggling, office, children and a life. I tried online-dating, I did the dreadful dates and I did everything that comes within. I needed other single parents to realize that it was truly alright to be a single parent. So I made Confessions of a Single mum to scream about it.

You see despite the fact that me and my partner have been together for about 8 years but we have never lived together. Nor have we planned to live together in future. So I still take care of all the parenting by myself. Yes when there are big matters at hand, the kid’s father are and I do meet up and we can bear to be under the same roof without killing each other. But ultimately I am a single mother. I still have to do each day parenting by myself. I still juggle money, office and children. There are still days when I am the only person I speak to. There are still days where I battle myself to decide to eat or light the stove. Yes the children are now teenagers which in a few ways is convenient but in other ways it’s an entirely new experience and a disaster.

In my time, I had been a tailor for more years than I can recollect making wedding gowns from other’s people’s thoughts. I transferred from sewing to an office when I separated and only left the office environment a couple of years back. Being made redundant was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. It was a path I was glad to go down as I was forced to make important lifestyle alterations as I was diagnosed with ME. Yes its hard and not plain sailing but it made me realize what I truly wanted to do (not awful for a near 40 yr. old woman). I studied for a foundation degree to be a certified nerd (create websites and understand all the language) to answer the question of why this website, well it all began with a game of poker.

Presently before you peg me for a gambling inappropriate mother, let me guarantee you this truly isn’t the case. A few male friends and my husband were having a disagreement that women are not good poker played like males. To demonstrate their point they coached me on the game and then invite me to the poker nights. If you are now picturing me in a smoky faintly lit room with shots of alcohol being slugged back and a tremendous heap of money at the table topped with house keys and children’s college funds, let me show you the genuine picture. Envision a usual everyday lounge with 3 buys and a woman sitting on a round table with mugs of coffee or tea. There was no stack of money but only a tiny pot with less than 10 pounds as the buy in was minor. That’s about it, I am sorry to disappoint. No sleazy details to tell. The main thing to tell you though is that I was not invited to most nights. Seemingly I just won the first was as I possessed lady luck, then next week it was a fluke and third week was more lady fortune. By the time fourth week came, I was aware that my poker nights were to finish and I was never invited again.

Presently what’s this have to do with confessions? Well I finished the fourth game so angry that I was a pariah for just being great at something, I searched up ladies poker in my vicinity, nothing to be had. So I had this great idea to create a webpage for ladies who desired to learn how to play poker. Pink Poker was active for about two years and I can tell it did exceptionally good. I also discovered that sometimes you got to go away from and when PinkPoker had its time, I made Scratch Cards Online. There was an end to how much poker I can digest but I had learned I adored creating the website so I created a webpage regarding something I felt very strongly towards. In a nutshell, that’s how confessions came into existence.

I am dedicated regarding the fact that its fine to be a single mother, that we all don’t need to have or will have the typical set up. I get so furious when people assume that I am sitting around longing for my Mr. Right or I can’t truly be happy about being a single mother. I am aware that I am not the first person who feels like this nor will I am the final one but at least now I have a place where I can vent and babble on the topic and hopefully make a mark.