It is normal for pregnant ladies to put on weight and inches amidst the third trimester but a lot of women are left with extra weight on their bellies after the birth. If this is influencing your confidence or the way you perceive yourself, please don’t forget that you are the one in charge. Post pregnancy weight loss includes exercise, eating good and altering your lifestyle a bit but there are a few methods you can take up to lose the undesired weight.

1 – Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is supposed to be an efficient way for new mothers to lose some additional calories and is known to aid uterus in returning back to its usual size.

2 – Exercise Weekly

To burn fat, we are required to do aerobic exercises for at least 75 minutes each week. Both that’s jogging through the streets, cycling at the gym or swimming in the pool, breaking a sweat and getting out of air consistently is important. It is essential to do abdominal exercises which include crunches, sit ups, and leg lifts aimed at toning and making core muscles strong. However it is a little hard to measure the effectiveness of exercises without the expertise of an exercise coach – who would usually demand good money, The Kigplan Goodbye baby bump app can teach you through the procedure of exercising in order to lose the weight. This digital training app is workable at iOS and Android devices, and also leading activity trackers like Fitbug. The Kigplan Goodbye Baby Bump app utilizes information you provide along with the activity date to adjust workout plans to your particular requirements.

3 – Eat a Balanced Diet

Adhering to a healthy, balanced diet and not surpassing everyday calorie allowance should aid in weight loss around the abdomen area rapidly. It’s vital to reduce the intake of processed and junk foods. Intake of wine, beer, cider and carbonated drinks can cause alterations in the liver that probably make us more likely to gain pounds. It’s also worth knowing that intake of a lot of diet drinks can cause headaches and sugar cravings.

4 – Don’t forget resistance training

A lot of people commit the mistake of understanding that lifting body weights is just for people who wish to look muscular. However, developing lean muscle masses fastens the body metabolism which aids in burning fat at a better pace. It’s essential to not only focus on belly area and continue resistance workouts that address each region of the body. A strong, toned and conditioned body will improve your posture, have you looking trim and makes sure that cardiovascular exercise is as influential as possible.

5 – Pelvic Floor Workouts

Doing regular pelvic exercises during pregnancy and a month after your pregnancy will give you a great shot at re achieving your pre-pregnancy belly. You can look the pelvic muscles you are required to work on by imagining you need to quit weeing. Sit comfortably and tighten those muscles 20 times in succession. Anyhow, be mindful that you don’t hold your breath in or tighten other muscles like you legs and buttocks. Although uncommon, a condition called as diastasis rectus abdominus can leave a new mother’s belly overstretched and weirdly out of shape. This is created by large babies or when a baby is conceived at the front – specifically amidst the third trimester. There are specific exercises that a doctor or obstetrician will discuss with you if you are going through that condition but it’s imperative to address the issue rapidly as it has the chances of being irreversible.

A good post pregnancy exercise plan, a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices should be all sufficient to get your body back to something you are content with after pregnancy.

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