How To Get Awesome Freebies

If you are like most people, then you really love being able to get something for free in the mail. There are a lot of different companies today that will give away samples and various freebies of their products as a fun and easy promotional tool. The more that you sign up to receive them, the more that you will start to see trickling into your
mailbox each week.

Maybe you are someone who likes to workout and you are interested in lifting weights so that you can gain muscle. If this is the case, you are going to need to try out a few different options for protein supplementation. Some of the top protein supplement companies today offer free samples of their shakes, capsules and any other type of product that they offer. By simply going onto the different websites, you are able to sign up with your email address, enter in your mailing address and you will more than likely see some samples showing up at your door.

Do you normally use razors or is there someone in your household that uses them? If so, there are different companies that will send you full size products, such as a razor, that you can sample in your free time. This is a razor that you can actually use or give as a gift for someone on your shopping list.

Add to that the variety of toiletries, beverages, drink mixes and vitamins that you can get in the mail and you will find that there could be free samples showing up in your mailbox each day.

Free Cosmetics

One of the best things about shopping around for great freebies online is that you will usually be able to get in on some great cosmetics giveaways. Whether they are small collections of samples, full sized products to try and more, you are always going to have the ability to try it before you buy it.

Just be sure that you are registering for as many freebie websites as you possibly can and you will see them rolling in before you know it.

Don’t Forget To Renew Your Tax Credits

In the event that you are claiming your tax credits remember to recommence them by July 31st. If you are unsuccessful to recommence by July 31st your payments may cease.

You should have received a renewal pack mailed to you in the mail. When you get it you would be able to renew online to make it more convenient. If you miss the renewal date, your payments will cease, you will be mailed a statement and will be required to pay back any monies that were not due to you. If you fail to do it by the renewal date by 30 days, you will be required to initiating a new claim.

After you have reestablished, HMRC will dispatch you an award notification inside 8 weeks of them getting your renewal. Your award notice will acquaint you with the amount you are qualified for.

In the event not claiming tax credits and unsure what you are qualified for, you can utilize the benefits calculator at Turn2Us.

The Stretch and sweep my story

My first child Katie was born when I was 40+2 weeks along. My cervix was dilated by 3 cms and fully effaced by the due date and I took a long stroll during daytime which aided in Katies get on his way. When I was pregnant with Logan (my second son) I went on being 41+1 weeks along with no signs of him coming anytime soon. At week number 41, I was suggested the Stretch and Sweep (Otherwise known as separating the membranes). Given that my first son Katies was already getting ready to be welcomed in the world around this time, I was unknown to the term Stretch and Sweep so I settled on doing what majority of population does nowadays when they are unsure about anything so I googled and the outcome made me anxious. For the most part what I observed was preggers mums saying how agonizing it was and it yielded no results. As much as a letdown it was to read, any expectant mum that is behind schedule would realize how despairing one can feel as time passes by not showing any symptoms of baby coming and so prepared to try anything at all. I decided to go through with the stretch and sweep.

It was a Monday morning; I was precisely 41 weeks along as I waited outside the obstetrician’s office. I was attempting to calm myself and refrain from worrying restlessly. I took my ex husband and Katie alongside me even so they stayed outside, it was a solace them being there. When I went inside, the obstetrician, someone I had encountered for the first time briefed somewhat regarding what she would be performing, she also gave me an induction date at the hospital for following weekend on the off chance of no results after the Stretch and Sweep. I was disheartened at being booked for an induction date for numerous reasons truly, I so longed to undergo childbirth naturally again and I definitely didn’t desire to hold up meeting my little boy who I was always certain would come before the scheduled date.

Going through with the Stretch and Sweep at that time was truly not as excruciating as I had anticipated it to be, only a tad bit uncomfortable. But when you realize what you are about to experience (labour) then it’s truly not worth batting an eyelid about. By and by, I believe the trick is to relax majorly and to not worry. Only a few hours after, I started experiencing cramps and really agonizing pain below that worsened when I got up and started walking. I also realized that I felt really drained so I settled on returning to bed and lay down for some time. Keeping in mind what I had perused online, I was certain that the cramps would cease in a bit but they never stopped and that very evening I eventually and rather thrillingly started experiencing contractions! The same day at 10:48 in the morning my son Logan came to this world.

And as now as I cradle my newborn son here in my embrace, I am delighted to say that my experience with the Stretch and Sweep was indisputably a positive one.

Personal Finance Management: 5 Strategies to Save Money

1 – Saving Money starts at home:

You may need to begin reducing your expenses at home. Save money by saving power. You must be aware by now how to lessen your electric utilization; you also lessen your electric bills. Thus it’s a great idea to start following a couple of power saving tips. For example turn of machines that you will not be using in the next 5-6 hours. Leaving your machines open on standby mode is not sufficient; you should completely power off or unplug them when fundamental. Lessen you water consumption too. Maybe it’s high time you switch to bucket and dipper instead of hose and shower.

2. Be Aware of Your Expenses

Stay on top of all of your expenses. You ought to have a classified list of your expenditures so that it will be much convenient for you to find out if you are still living inside your budget .Take note of your bills – electric, water, telephone and the others. Remember the bills you have taken care of and the ones that are still left to be paid. Other than your house bills, you should likewise keep a record of your personal expenses. You should have the capacity to adjust your necessities and luxuries. You can never go wrong with living within your means.

3. Set Some Money Away

You should always have the capacity to set aside even a tiny part of your salary. Your change can be saved in a piggy bank and as you fill it up time by time, you are aware that you will have money in case you come across an emergency. Be rational, if you are able to keep yourself away from credit cards, and then do so. This will spare you the trouble of paying accrued interests and your money will be able to be used to rather essential things. Discover how to save your money and you should start by making changes in your spending habit.

4. Prepare for what is Ahead:

Get ready for the future as it is as essential as the present. Consider possible contingencies that might influence not only you but your entire household. Get ready for your future so that you will not have to initiate from 0 in case something bad happens. You probably want to take up insurance policies that will give you maximum advantages. This might be a really good investment for your money.

5. Teach Your Children What You Know:

Finally, your kids should be as great in taking care of expenses as you are. Show them, as early as now to value the money that they now have. Make them aware of how difficult it is to make your money. You might want to try a reward system where you giveaway some additional cash if they worked hard by doing their chores or doing really good at school, for example. Once they understand how difficult it is to make money, it is more of a possibility that they will be penny-wise.

5 Tips to Help You Stay Out of Debt

Debt is just plain terrible. It is in your thoughts at all times and one of the huge contributors to tension. Spare yourself and the people around you from the melancholy and heartache the debt accompanies. Using these five tips will hopefully keep you out of debt.

Tip # 1: Focus on Needs, Not Wants:

The next time whenever you wish to get something, wait for a while. Exactly what will be using the product for? Mark it from one to ten, with one being something you can get by without and ten being absolutely vital. Don’t get it if it is marked low. Consider all the things in your closet or garage at home that you don’t use and are just rotting there. If you want to buy yourself a new blouse, look back on ones you presently have. A great rule is to not purchase anything the second the want hits you. Return after 24 hours so that you get the time to realize the benefits of that purchase. Rather than buying a new paperback, Why not go ahead and make use of a local public library or try and find free copies on the internet.

Tip # 2 Keep a Money Diary

We all often forget little expenses if we don’t pen them down. The £15 you spend on snacks each day makes up to around £5000 annually. If you stopped snacking, you can have enough money to go buy a new laptop or anything that you really require. By creating a daily money diary, you can keep a track of where exactly you are investing your money. You can recognize the rubbish spending. Disregard brand names and advertisements; discover how to recognize quality goods by contrasting then with one another. This way you can pinpoint true bargains and save a lot of money without rationing value.

Tip # 3 Create and Stick to a Budget

Make a budget keeping in mind your monthly pay. Calculate your most allowable expenses for every category and follow it completely. Budgets encourage innovative spending and provide your insight on best way to save more. Online Money Manager is good software for taking care of this. You can lower down the cost of food by brown-bagging instead of purchasing lunch. If anything is really costly, then hold off on it until you are able to afford it. Many people wrongly assess their spending power. One’s spending should not exceed their earning. Base your calculations on real money and discount credit.

Tip # 4 Be a Responsible Credit Card User

Credit can be a big curse if used wrongly, but utilized carefully it also can be a genuine blessing. Never let yourself be enticed to break your budget with credit. Reduce the credit card debt by paying if nothing than minimum amount, more if you are able to. If you have adequate credit card debt, then you are required to complete stop and only pay with cash until you pay off your credit card. Consolidate your debt by transferring to credit companies that offer lower interest rates. Once you are back on track, limit yourself by two credit cards at maximum.

Tip # 5 Save, Save, Save

You are required to separate money both for arranged and impromptu expenditures. An example of possible expenses is the unavoidable holiday season. A contingency fund of at least the amount thrice to six times your salary should always be saved up on the off chance that you lose your job or you require any medical treatments. Keep an eye out for any fraudulent credit card offers that look too good to be true.

Keeping away from debt is somewhat unimaginable but you are required to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t spend more than you make, and bear in mind to separate some money for savings and impromptu expenditures. Financial contracts and jargon might seem hard but it is important to understand them if you are to stay away from costly mistakes. Discover how to manage your money and you will never break a sweat regarding breaking down amidst your life’s journey.


It is normal for pregnant ladies to put on weight and inches amidst the third trimester but a lot of women are left with extra weight on their bellies after the birth. If this is influencing your confidence or the way you perceive yourself, please don’t forget that you are the one in charge. Post pregnancy weight loss includes exercise, eating good and altering your lifestyle a bit but there are a few methods you can take up to lose the undesired weight.

1 – Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is supposed to be an efficient way for new mothers to lose some additional calories and is known to aid uterus in returning back to its usual size.

2 – Exercise Weekly

To burn fat, we are required to do aerobic exercises for at least 75 minutes each week. Both that’s jogging through the streets, cycling at the gym or swimming in the pool, breaking a sweat and getting out of air consistently is important. It is essential to do abdominal exercises which include crunches, sit ups, and leg lifts aimed at toning and making core muscles strong. However it is a little hard to measure the effectiveness of exercises without the expertise of an exercise coach – who would usually demand good money, The Kigplan Goodbye baby bump app can teach you through the procedure of exercising in order to lose the weight. This digital training app is workable at iOS and Android devices, and also leading activity trackers like Fitbug. The Kigplan Goodbye Baby Bump app utilizes information you provide along with the activity date to adjust workout plans to your particular requirements.

3 – Eat a Balanced Diet

Adhering to a healthy, balanced diet and not surpassing everyday calorie allowance should aid in weight loss around the abdomen area rapidly. It’s vital to reduce the intake of processed and junk foods. Intake of wine, beer, cider and carbonated drinks can cause alterations in the liver that probably make us more likely to gain pounds. It’s also worth knowing that intake of a lot of diet drinks can cause headaches and sugar cravings.

4 – Don’t forget resistance training

A lot of people commit the mistake of understanding that lifting body weights is just for people who wish to look muscular. However, developing lean muscle masses fastens the body metabolism which aids in burning fat at a better pace. It’s essential to not only focus on belly area and continue resistance workouts that address each region of the body. A strong, toned and conditioned body will improve your posture, have you looking trim and makes sure that cardiovascular exercise is as influential as possible.

5 – Pelvic Floor Workouts

Doing regular pelvic exercises during pregnancy and a month after your pregnancy will give you a great shot at re achieving your pre-pregnancy belly. You can look the pelvic muscles you are required to work on by imagining you need to quit weeing. Sit comfortably and tighten those muscles 20 times in succession. Anyhow, be mindful that you don’t hold your breath in or tighten other muscles like you legs and buttocks. Although uncommon, a condition called as diastasis rectus abdominus can leave a new mother’s belly overstretched and weirdly out of shape. This is created by large babies or when a baby is conceived at the front – specifically amidst the third trimester. There are specific exercises that a doctor or obstetrician will discuss with you if you are going through that condition but it’s imperative to address the issue rapidly as it has the chances of being irreversible.

A good post pregnancy exercise plan, a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices should be all sufficient to get your body back to something you are content with after pregnancy.

First Trip Away

In the actual world we single parents don’t generally have adequate money. Tabloids may tempt you with weirdly angled pictures and exciting posts on single parents having outings abroad, super-size televisions and each mod con going all paid by their benefits cheque every week. But practically how they figure out to do this I am really not sure.

Being a single mum for over 14 years, I have not succeeded in giving my kids the best of everything. They have never been without clothes, food or love but I have never had thriftless shopping sprees or anything of that sort. I haven’t been yet successful in taking my two children on a holiday. Their father working a job that pays better has taken them skiing a couple of times and they also went on school trips but that all has been the limit.

This year it improved… just a little bit. We bought a tent. I took a trip with my partner a couple of weeks ago and absolutely adored it. Adored it so much that we reserved some more days away again for previous week. This time round, my little son came with. Not bad going, but at 5 years of age, the poor guy had his first time away with his mother and that too in a tent. If you are pondering as to why only the youngest came, I did invite my daughter too but seemingly it’s not what she likes.

The weather was really nice with daylight, feasted on BBQ’s and we had lots of laughs. We didn’t require costly food, huge swimming pools or costly landscape. We had time, long walks and a wonderful time this summer proving that money is not necessarily everything.

It’s all about manners – My Mother Told Me

My dear old mother is mentioned many a times here. One of her pieces of advice I have been given in the previous week is to keep her memory alive. So exactly like my father who is executing this by chatting up her picture, I will go ahead and continually babble on regarding her in topics. The things our mothers teach are priceless tops and suggestions you won’t receive elsewhere.

Trending on the old internet is an article revolving around a shop helper at a supermarket who denied serving a client till the client ceased their cell phone conversation. This blog is couple of years old and is here if you wish to go through it.

As a part time shop helper I can empathize. We interact with such people every day who continue on with their chats over the phone as if the shop helper is nonexistent. They give their money, take the change and if it’s your fortunate day you may receive a little nod of acknowledgement at the end. I am not sure if its only technology life where all living now has brought this on or if as parents we are on some degree failing at showing our kids manners past please and thank you.

We educate our kids to say please and thank you but how much far do we go or should we be headed? There is sharing toys, alternating turns and maybe a couple of more than I cannot quite think of at this point. In past times way before my mother taught me that was regarding taking your hats off when within or whenever a burial car passes by, oh and you must not overtake a burial car also.

Techno life is constantly changing, advancing and creating. It influences not just how we get things done but also how we act. For instance when we could only receive emails at either the work or house computer so it in a way kept the email world at one side. Then we could receive them on the go with our mobile phones. As this technology advanced, it didn’t come accompanying guidelines or standards like it is not polite to check your email while being at the checkout counter at supermarket. There are new unspoken guidelines and manners we need to get a handle of, once we make sense of them that is.

When my mom was raising me, she said to me that in life she may not have the capacity to give me best of all things, didn’t have a luxurious lifestyle herself and didn’t have degrees falling off her ears but if you possess good manners, you will be wealthier than the wealthy or dexterous people in life (Definitely she neither do I mean by this that wealthy or intelligent people don’t possess good manners, you know what I mean).

Manners are essential. Manners don’t cast anything. They can create a huge difference to how other people react to you. As the modern techno world takes us to more and more exhilarating and at times even frightening things, it’s upon us parents to figure out the “new” manners. It’s upon us to acquaint our kids with these additional manners that can create a difference. And also assess if our personal manners are up to the mark.